New year, new opportunities, new chances to invest! Generate 8.5% per annum on your monies invested.

I am delighted to introduce you to Property Investor Partnership’s (PIPs) latest Secured Loan Note investment, B5 Kent Street in Birmingham. This investment offers investors the chance to invest alongside the developer for up to 18 months whilst planning is granted, and during this term investors will achieve 8.5% per annum on their monies invested.  The purpose of the loan is to acquire the freehold of the site, which will complete at the end of March 2021.

Your investment is secured against the land where a first charge has been registered. This land has been valued by Savills for £5.88m. The purpose of this loan is to provide the Developer funds to purchase the freehold to the land.

B5 Kent Street comprises of 116 high specification apartments and lies in the city’s Southside, an area that attracts working professionals and tourists.  The B5 development is only 500m away from the Smithfield area, which is undergoing major regeneration.  It is also a five-minute walk to the famous Bullring and a 15-minute walk to the new HS2 train station.  The development benefits from its proximity to the Chinese Quarter and the Professional Banking District.

A Loan Note is an excellent short-term investment option for investors who have money in the bank or invested in an ISA and are making very little by way of returns in today’s low interest rate environment. It is also perfectly suited for those who like the concept of property investment.


B5 Kent Street Secured Loan Note Terms

Last year was a great year for PIPs Loan Note opportunities. At the end of 2020, they had raised a phenomenal £22,503,600 over seven projects! 

B5 Kent Street Secured Loan Note Fast Facts…

  • PIPs secured Loan Note offers investors a short-term, hassle-free investment opportunity
  • Generate 8.5% per annum on your monies invested
  • First charge over the value of the freehold land (valued at £5.88m)
  • Minimum investment value of £10,000
  • Clear exit strategy, upon planning being granted and the senior lender being appointed

If you would like to know more, or to receive a brochure, please call us on 01923 718881.